I had the pleasure of joining Alberto Sardinas for his Passion Accomplished podcast several months back, and as I reflect on it, I enjoyed it because, well, there’s so much understanding about cultures, cultural conditioning, and the pressures of the US culture regarding success because Alberto is a Venezuelan living in Miami.  He sees it and feels it as innately in his bones as I do.  And he understands as instinctively as I do the importance for enjoyment, family, friends, and leisure time, which isn’t always a priority for others in the US.  But maybe it should be!

As I’ve said before, “Nobody ever went home early from a night out in Latin America to be fresh for work the next day.”  The priorities are just different.  They’re more about family, friends, enjoyment, and socializing.  They work hard too, but the emphasis is on the people who are important to them.  It’s beautiful.

Take a look / listen here.