Here’s a video that was taken when I was giving a talk to 300+ people at DirecTV across 6 or 7 countries in Latin America.  It was advertised as part of their women’s leadership initiative, so I was relieved when I found a great mix of men and women in the audience, as I think my message of inclusive leadership is broader than just one gender.  Plus it gives me an opportunity to talk about cultural conditioning and implicit assumptions while using gendered examples which often makes things more real for people.

I did not grow up speaking Spanish, and I didn’t even study Spanish until I was 28 years old.  So although I’ve been immersed since 2003 and fluent since 2006, it’s still weird to see and hear myself speaking Spanish.  Not just because the self-criticism pops in of how I don’t pronounce some words correctly (especially with R’s and O’s) and how my grammar could use a tune up some days. I find it weird because what I’m saying actually kind of makes sense even in a different language and a different cultural context, which means a lot of the messages are universal.

I was completely exhausted that day from traveling, it was hot in the room, I was expending extra energy because I was speaking my second language, it lasted an hour (although most of the Q&A was edited so the video is only 30 minutes), and it was a great experience for which I am very grateful!  And I went to get my hair done after that which was a super special treat after sharing an important message!

I had English subtitles added so I hope you enjoy watching and listening and reading!