Part of being Gutsy is knowing what you’re really good at. This is more difficult than it seems because often what we’re good at comes easily to us, and so we assume that it’s obvious and not hard and that everybody can do it. That’s not always the case, so I encourage you to figure out what your unique gifts are. 

As an example, speaking in public has always come easily to me—and I’ve practiced a lot over the years to get better—but I always underestimate how difficult it is for some people to pull a storyline together and deliver it in front of an audience. It’s a skill that I shouldn’t undervalue.

What are your skills that you shouldn’t undervalue? 

Tom Rath developed “StrengthsFinder 2.0” which can help you answer that question. It includes an assessment tool as well as career strategies that can be developed once you understand your strengths. 

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