It’s easy to talk about inclusive leadership and being fair to everyone, but it’s difficult to practice it.  After all, we’re all humans and our cultural conditioning, implicit assumptions, and biases get in the way.  That’s why when I had the wonderful experience of having lunch with a true practitioner of inclusive leadership, I wrote an article on about one of the ways he has ensured inclusivity and fairness in hiring and promoting people.

Mr. H. James Dallas was the gentlemen with whom I had lunch, and since that day, I have had the honor of serving with him on the Atlanta Community Food Bank board.  I have been struck by his ability to “see” culture and implicit assumptions in interactions among people.  And I have admired his ability to get above those implicit assumptions and biases to act in inclusive ways.

While I have my own examples of being a practitioner of inclusive leadership, I loved the opportunity to write about the simple-yet-powerful way he helped others “see” their implicit assumptions and biases to get to the right decision for the business.  Take a look at “Being An Inclusive Leader in Hiring and Promotions” here.