One day, my publicist asked me when I’d be in New York and she suggested doing a radio show with Joe Piscopo.  For those of you who don’t know, Joe Piscopo is an old Saturday Night Live guy who now has a radio show that is decidedly more conservative politically than where I am on the spectrum.  I told her as long as he doesn’t ask anything about politics, I’m game. I mean, how much fun to be on the radio and be interviewed by someone who is engaging and entertaining.

I showed up to the studio early one morning, and sat in a room by myself until they were ready for me.  When I walked into the studio, there were three people – Joe, Frank, and Al. I was introduced and all was fine.  It felt like just another meeting until they starting talking about Star Trek and I was totally lost because I’m not a Trekkie!

But we got back on track and were able to talk about some of the parts of the book that I think are super important – like cultural conditioning and how we can learn from other places – and how we don’t have to define success the way that others define success – we can define it for ourselves and play our own game instead of playing someone else’s.  Here are some of my favorite quotes.

“It’s looking at your motivation and why you’re doing things as opposed to what everybody else is wanting you to do.”  

“I love the way being abroad pushes you to think and learn things about yourself and learn things about others.”  

“Whenever you go and learn a different way of living, you pick up things about that that you like and you also reflect more and appreciate your own.”

My favorite part is when we are talking about mid-life crises and I admit that I have a crisis every 7-8 years when I can feel myself shifting phases.  For me, a life crisis “is about morphing yourself into a new phase and deciding what that new phase is going to be about.”  They don’t have to be awful! They can even be fun if you can see the adventure and opportunity in them.

And when I look at this video now, I laugh because I’m currently in the process of redecorating my home so there must be another mid-life crisis brewing!  Better hold on!

Take a look / listen here.