Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now by Maya AngelouIn college, I had the good fortune to be able to see Maya Angelou speak.  I will be honest – I had no idea who she was when it happened – but I did end up eventually buying a copy of her book titled, “Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now.”  

I think I bought the book mostly because it was small.  And had short stories. Which meant it wasn’t going to be difficult to read.

As I browsed through, several of the short stories impacted me, and I return to them regularly for inspiration, including:

  • “New Directions” from which I’ve learned that no matter how stuck you may seem and no matter how impossible change may seem, with some courage and confidence, you can move forward and create a new path for yourself.
  • “Living Well. Living Good.”  In this short story, we are reminded that living a life full of material riches pales in comparison to living a life full of friendship and laughter and joy.
  • And “A Day Away,” which reminds us to disconnect and disengage from our lives every now and then.  It reminds us to have a day with no plans, no connections, and only wondering and pondering. This is essential to reconnecting with yourself, to discovery, and to learning!

Sometimes the smallest and simplest of stories can remind us of the biggest life lessons!