As a continuation to the post titled “On Vision,” I also wanted to share with you the work done by Jenna Kunkel on Voice.  

After she completed surveying women in her network about Vision, Jenna turned her efforts to frustrations about how difficult it is to be heard at work.  This is a real issue as research shows that including more perspectives in conversations at work can lead to better business results because an issue is considered more thoroughly.  Even though that’s the case, it can still be difficult to get those perspectives on the table.  

So Jenna decided to survey women in her network to find out how they do it, and I participated with interest and enthusiasm!  She consolidated the responses in this post, which was originally published on LinkedIn. I’m pleased to be able to share with you the results of her work. Here they are:

Here is my least favorite part… because so many women are told their styles are too direct / harsh. 

And here are my most favorite parts… because they’re focused on how to be effective in raising their voice. 

And finally, the most fundamental parts.  Because being a leader is making sure others are heard. 

Take a look at the results and consider what approaches you take to be heard and to make sure others are heard as well!