We all need information and tools to be Gutsy, and sometimes we need a little extra inspiration when we’re feeling frustrated and down. In this section, you’ll find sources of inspiration I have used over and over whenever I’ve been kind of lost or disillusioned. Plus some sources of inspiration that are just fun and funny.

I hope you’ll find some of these useful in your path to Gutsy! 

On The Radio With Joe Piscopo, Part 2

On The Radio With Joe Piscopo, Part 2

I was pleased to be invited back to Joe Piscopo’s radio show in November.

One of my favorite parts is at the end when we are talking about my stylist, Nikki Woolfolk, because she’s awesome.  And I really believe what I said – that the key is to “Find someone to help you with the things you’re not good at instead of trying to be good at everything.”  We can’t be good at everything.  We shouldn’t even try.

Another favorite part is the story about seeing my book in the airport and sort of hovering around wondering what to do!  This is Shelly, who works at one of the stores and she bought a book the first time I saw it there!

Robin with airport book store employee Shelly

And this is when I saw it the second time, which I was talking about in the radio show.  It will never not be exciting to see my book on a shelf. And I hope people buy it and read it!!!

Robin ATL Airport Nov 19 02

Take a look / listen here!


The Best Part of Being on TV

The Best Part of Being on TV

When the book was coming out, a dear friend of mine who works with the local CBS affiliate put me in touch with one of their programs to do a spot on TV about the book.  Any time I get the opportunity to talk about the ideas in the book, I’m excited and I’m there.

When I arrived, I ran into two men in the green room (pictured) who were also there to tape a program and it turns out they work with my sister!  We chatted and made friends, and it put me in a super good mood.

Then I went in to film the spot (which you can view here) and the woman interviewing me (Keisha Lancelin) was great.  Now, normally when you do these things, the person interviewing you sees your book for the first time when you sit down in the chair next to them.  They don’t know you or your book or even your topic. Knowing that, it’s really amazing how good interviewers can steer a conversation without really knowing the subject matter.

Which is what Keisha did and did really well.

But the best part was when the interview was over and they had stopped filming, Keisha asked, “Do you think I could have a copy of your book?  It sounds like something that a few people I know really need to read right now.”

I was through the moon.

Because all I really want is for people to read the book and understand the message. I want them to know that even though we’re all culturally conditioned to live our lives and pursue certain definitions of success that society has put upon us, we have choices and we can choose a different path – play a different game – if we want to!

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Drawing Inspiration from Ai Wei Wei

Drawing Inspiration from Ai Wei Wei

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A Short Guide to a Happy Life

A Short Guide to a Happy Life

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Maya Angelou’s “New Directions”

Maya Angelou’s “New Directions”

In college, I had the good fortune to be able to see Maya Angelou speak.  I will be honest - I had no idea who she was when it happened - but I did end up eventually buying a copy of her book titled, “Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now.”   I think I bought the...

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