It may seem strange to talk about Love Languages as part of being Gutsy. However, if you realize that being Gutsy means understanding the context in which you’re living and then choosing how to navigate based on that understanding, it makes complete sense. It also makes sense because we can be Gutsy at work, but we can also be Gutsy in our personal relationships as we seek support and offer support to others.

In that spirit, I encourage you to check out The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  He explains that different people feel loved in different ways — through words, through actions, through gifts, through time, and through touch. Often in a relationship, one person expresses love in a language that the other person doesn’t really understand. This is how feelings get hurt, and arguments can ensue.

For example, perhaps one person doesn’t care about gifts. For another person, gifts are extremely important to feeling loved. If the first person doesn’t buy a gift for the second person’s birthday, feelings are bound to get hurt.

The Five Love Languages work is really about understanding the other person. Then, having enough empathy to shift your behavior to interact with them in ways that they will feel the love. And if it’s someone you care about, isn’t that worth it?

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Then go and have a conversation with your loved ones about how you want to interact, support, and enjoy spending time together!