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Book Robin Moriarty Ph.D., the global business executive, professor, and author who has lived on four continents and traveled to over 60 countries, to speak on revamping the cultural norms, the game, we have all been conditioned to play in our personal and professional lives. Once we understand cultural conditioning, we can change the rules of the game and define success on our own terms.

Her framework for redefining success provides concrete steps to achieve what matters most, with your personal goals, professional life, and with all of the relationships that matter most to you, including your family, and your community.

There are people who work from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. so they can coach their kid’s soccer team in the afternoon, perfect their rock band’s new set, train for the Olympics, or care for a family member in need. There are people who are working primarily for healthcare and other benefits because their partner is starting a small business or because they are attending night school. There are people who forego promotions to maintain flexible hours and avoid the headaches that can come with managing people. And there are people like Robin Moriarty Ph.D., a global business executive and speaker who actively seek assignments that involve travel and adventure. These people are all playing their own game.

Robin’s gutsy approach has allowed her to move past cultural conditioning of The American Dream and formulate a winning strategy to accomplish what matters most in her life. She shares her anthropological insight and international adventures in her new book, What Game Are You Playing?: A Framework for Redefining Success and Achieving What Matters Most.

Watch the Keynote Address for the Duke Leadership Forum: Robin Moriarty, PhD and Dr. Jeremy Petranka


Here’s what Meredith Trotta from Equifax had to say after hearing Robin speak:

“We had the pleasure of welcoming Robin Moriarty to our group last week and she somehow turned a video platform into an engaging, warm, and personal experience. Robin, who has seen the world by way of 60+ countries and lived on four continents, shared her personal career journey, proving that “seize the day” isn’t just #goals, but can be #reality.

We got to hear the story that inspired her book, “What Game Are You Playing?” and get some solid, concrete advice on navigating careers. It went so well, we asked her to come back for Part II!”

Dr. Moriarty is available to speak on topics including personal development, leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship, and mentoring.


Personal Development

  • Letting Go Of The Way It’s Supposed To Be So You Can Create Your Own Way
  • How Cultural Conditioning Holds Us Back
  • Why It’s So Hard To Change Even When You Want To
  • Defining Your OWN Success and Milestones Instead of Following Everyone Else’s

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • Getting The Most Out Of Your Diverse Organization: Innovation
  • Flipping Cultural Assumptions To Drive Innovation And New Business Models
  • What Can We Learn From Other Cultures To Help Entrepreneurs Innovate Here?


  • How Do You Define Success?
  • What Are You Trying To Maximize?
  • Isn’t There A Better Way?  Growth, Profit, and Thrivability
  • How To Be An Inclusive Leader

Mentoring (Specifically for Millenials and Gen Z)

  • Defining Success For You
  • How To Navigate Your Complex Work Environment
  • Managing All Of Your Life Stakeholders
  • Managing Complexity In The Workplace: From Salary Negotiating, Asking For A Raise, Dealing With A Toxic Boss, And More

People who have seen Robin speak have said…

Robin was engaging and informative. She challenged me to think differently about what lies ahead for me personally and professionally.

She was a fantastic and inspirational speaker and her approach to defining a "non-linear" career path really resonated with me.

Interesting content - got me thinking, led to great conversation with other attendees.

Robin sparked me to think about the game I am playing - and if I need to change games!

Recent Speaking Engagements

  • DirecTV Latin America Leadership Program, Buenos Aires
  • The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University Keynote Speaker at Executive MBA events in Shanghai, Istanbul, and Durham, NC
  • Endeavor Entrepreneur Global Summit Event at Grow With Google, New York City
  • Radical Partners Social Entrepreneur Leadership Program, Miami, FL
  • Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP, Atlanta, GA
  • Duke University Alumni Association’s Leadership Forum, Durham, NC

Robin has also been interviewed by Bloomberg and Fast Company, and has served on for-profit and not-for-profit boards. She is a regular contributor to Forbes.com.  

Gushing for “What Game Are You Playing?”

Excellent framework! It was an easy insightful Sunday morning coffee read. Well done on the perfect balance of implementing convergent and divergent principles. Your transparency and relational theme throughout the book added an extra special element for your audience. It is most definitely a great tool box add that I can see myself continuously using.

ABHA TREOHAN, The Fuqua School of Business MBA

To really get the most out of this amazing guide takes a great deal of soul searching and honesty. I literally felt the weight of others' expectations lift from my shoulders. There are so many eye-opening discoveries throughout this book… The exercises are simple to work through but provide you with very powerful insights into how you view yourself and the goals you wish to achieve.

LESLEY JONES, Readers’ Favorite

I wish I had this book 20 years ago! Early in my career, I felt less confident about the life choices I was making and wasted too much time comparing my life to others. These days, I know that the only game I need to worry about winning is my own. “What Game Are You Playing?” is a great reminder that my life is my own, and I get to define the rules to win. Great read!

DIANE, Goodreads

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