From the moment we are born, others’ expectations shape our behaviors, choices, and definitions of success. We build our personal and professional lives around those expectations and at some point, many of us wonder if we are on the right path. We may want to make changes, but it’s difficult and we don’t know how to start.

WHAT GAME ARE YOU PLAYING? guides you toward the answers.


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What does success really look like?

In What Game Are You Playing?, author Robin Moriarty, PhD, shares her views on what being “successful” really looks like, and those views will be a surprise to many.

According to Moriarty, life is a game, and it is up to you to determine just what kind of game you want to play. Robin guides you through a process that shows you how to assess your current state and outlines the steps you need to take in order to achieve your new game and own version of success.

The book enables you to—

  • Gain awareness of the way you want to live your life
  • Redefine success on your own terms
  • Map out what you will need to do to get there

Through a series of examples and exercises designed as a game, Moriarty helps you recognize—and then step away from—the expectations of others so you can define and pursue your own versions of success in work and in life. Through this process of finding and designing your own game, you’ll no longer be a pawn in someone else’s.


“Imagine yourself on your deathbed, never having pursued your dreams or passions, having lived a life someone others decided was best for you! Sadly, many people never live their own lives, but end up being pawns in someone else’s. Through her struggles, Robin Moriarty ended up finding her own game and living it. She shares her struggles and journey with the readers and lays out a road map to help readers find their own game and overcome obstacles that inevitably will get in the way. The book is very user friendly, moves seamlessly and is fun to read. As someone who has struggled to find their own path, the book confirms many of the things that I believe in and have acted upon. Game changer is a word that is overused and may sound cliché, but I believe that this book could be a game changer.”

Harvey Deutschendorf

Emotional Intelligence Expert, Speaker and Internationally Published Author of THE OTHER KIND OF SMART

“This book is perfect for anyone seeking to take control of how they play the game at work.  Its honest and accessible approach will guide you to achieve the success that you desire!”

Gail Evans

Author “Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman” and Retired Executive Vice President of CNN Newsgroup

“This is a guidebook for the dreamers, the artists, the hustlers, and the individuals. The people who have realized their lives are theirs to live and the people who want to find that realization.  In other words, this is for all of us.”

Dr. Jeremy Petranka

Asisstant Dean and Professor of the Practice, The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

“Compelling, refreshing, honest and inspiring… What Game Are You Playing? reminds us that it’s never too late to design your own game, fearlessly act on it, and actually enjoy playing it!”

Erika Medina-Vecchini

Managing Director, Endeavor Puerto Rico

“I found that this book resonated with me more than any other self-improvement book that I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot!). Like the author, I have an unconventional job, I’m child free and love to travel. This makes many people uncomfortable and I spent my twenties trying to fit into society’s idea of what success should look like. This lead to a quarter-life crisis and a few nervous breakdowns. What Game Are You Playing? inspired me to continue to pursue things that make me happy and fulfilled, rather than trying to keep up with others around me.”

College, Career, Life

What Game Are You Playing?” is an eye-opening guide full of important life-changing information to find prosperity, solve problems, have better health, and improve relationships.  Choose different. Choose the game you’re playing.”

Nikki Woolfolk

Stylist and Owner, Label Content

“As an entrepreneur, I know that work is a huge part of life.  This book helps you figure out how to ensure that YOUR life and YOUR work are fulfilling YOUR needs.  It is a MUST for young people entering the workforce and for moms going back to work!”

Shayne Walsey

President, Urban Enterprises

“Are you grinding through life? Then hit the reset button and wipe your slate clean!
Robin’s book guides you to redefine what success looks like to you and how to pursue things that are important to you!  STOP playing someone else’s game, trying to live up to other’s expectations…START playing your game, by your rules…TODAY!”

Don W Quigley Jr

Retired Fortune 100 President

What Game Are You Playing? guides you to ask the hard questions, to leave your comfort zone, and to redesign your life for more joy and fulfillment.”

Natalia Gonzalez Amato

Head of South America Marketing, Air New Zealand

“Excellent framework! It was an easy insightful Sunday morning coffee read. Well done on the perfect balance of implementing convergent and divergent principles. Your transparency and relational theme throughout the book added an extra special element for your audience. It is most definitely a great tool box add that I can see myself continuously using.”

Abha Treohan

The Fuqua School of Business MBA

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