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Gutsy is the latest creation of Robin Moriarty, PhD, who has been writing, speaking, blogging, and teaching since 2010 about living and working abroad.  Gutsy pulls together her insights and observations and offers advice and new perspectives in an effort to help readers pursue and achieve their own versions of success.

Robin Moriarty, PhD, is a global business executive, professor, and writer who has lived on four continents and traveled to over 60 countries. She has had the opportunity to drive business initiatives that have had positive impacts on communities in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. The impact of Robin’s travels and her time spent living abroad has also been very personal for her—what she has learned from other cultures compelled her to rethink her own life, her goals, her views on success, and her personal choices.

Because of her experiences, she has been able to redefine what living a successful life means for her, which is quite different than the version of success she was raised to pursue. Based on her experiences, she was invited to teach cross-cultural leadership at The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, and she regularly shares her perspectives on navigating complex work and life questions with students and professionals through speaking engagements, her Forbes Careers column, and here at Gutsy.

What’s the premise behind Robin’s book, What Game Are You Playing: A Framework For Redefining Success and Achieving What Matters Most?

This is a question Dr. Jeremy Petranka asks Robin during their interview, where Robin was a Keynote Speaker for the Duke Women’s Forum Leadership Conference in February, 2020.

Fun with Gutsy

Gushing for “What Game Are You Playing?”

Excellent framework! It was an easy insightful Sunday morning coffee read. Well done on the perfect balance of implementing convergent and divergent principles. Your transparency and relational theme throughout the book added an extra special element for your audience. It is most definitely a great tool box add that I can see myself continuously using.

ABHA TREOHAN, The Fuqua School of Business MBA

To really get the most out of this amazing guide takes a great deal of soul searching and honesty. I literally felt the weight of others' expectations lift from my shoulders. There are so many eye-opening discoveries throughout this book… The exercises are simple to work through but provide you with very powerful insights into how you view yourself and the goals you wish to achieve.

LESLEY JONES, Readers’ Favorite

I wish I had this book 20 years ago! Early in my career, I felt less confident about the life choices I was making and wasted too much time comparing my life to others. These days, I know that the only game I need to worry about winning is my own. “What Game Are You Playing?” is a great reminder that my life is my own, and I get to define the rules to win. Great read!

DIANE, Goodreads

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