In A Short Guide to A Happy Life, author Anna Quindlen helps us remember that life happens in the small moments, and that sometimes in our dogged pursuit of larger goals and indicators of success, we miss the important stuff!

In easy prose, this short book helps us remember what really matters and how things that seem really important are put into perspective quickly when a health issue arises or when someone we love needs our assistance.

She reminds us that on their deathbed, nobody wishes they had spent more time in the office. She reminds us to incorporate and pursue leisure as doggedly as we pursue work objectives. And she reminds us to slow down, observe the flowers and the trees, the faces of our friends and loved ones, and the way it feels when the sun warms your face.

In the last part of the book, she recalls interviewing a man who was living on a boardwalk on Coney Island during the winter.  When she inquired why he did not visit a shelter or find some other place to spend his days, he gestured towards the ocean and replied, “Look at the view, young lady. Look at the view.”

Indeed. Make sure that you look at the ocean.  That you really taste the ice cream. That you laugh and play and do cartwheels or twirl batons or rollerskate or do whatever else it is that makes you feel joy.

You have the time. Make the time. Don’t miss your life.  Look at the view.