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Gutsy isn’t about being reckless with yourself or with others. Gutsy is about defining your OWN version of success and gaining the confidence and courage to go after what YOU want rather than pursuing what OTHERS expect you to want.

How Gutsy Are You?

Are you the type who tries not to make waves or are you brave enough to choose your own adventure?


What Game Are You Playing?

From the moment we are born, others’ expectations shape our behaviors, choices, and definitions of success. We build our personal and professional lives around those expectations and at some point, many of us wonder if we are on the right path. We may want to make changes, but it’s difficult and we don’t know how to start.

Life is a game, and it is up to each individual to determine just what kind of game they want to play. Robin Moriarty guides readers through a process that shows them how to assess their current state and outlines the steps they need to take in order to achieve their new game and own version of success.

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Current Focus : Inspiration

Drawing Inspiration from Ai Wei Wei

Drawing Inspiration from Ai Wei Wei

When I was living in Hong Kong, I was introduced to the work of Ai Wei Wei, an artist, political activist and general rabble rouser who pushes back against authority and the status quo.

He’s from China, where pushing back against authority is not generally encouraged and while I was in Hong Kong, there were campaigns in support of him as he had been detained by the government.  Since then, he has done many exhibits around the world that deal with controversial topics including mass migrations, deaths from earthquakes, labor issues, and more. I was fortunate enough to see one of his expositions in Buenos Aires where he highlighted issues of corruption and problems that arise when governments aren’t responsive to the people.  

Why do I feel inspired by him?

He is definitely a controversial figure but I am inspired by, and admire, his willingness to speak up, reach out, and shine a light on topics that others are afraid to touch. I’m impressed by his ability to create visual and visceral impacts about the topics he chooses to highlight.

One of my favorite examples of this is his display of 14,000 life jackets collected from refugees who had landed in Lesbos.  He had them wrapped around columns of the Konzerthaus in Berlin so that people could really see and personalize the issue.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can view a documentary called “Never Sorry” and another called “Human Flow.” 


With information and understanding, you can break down some of the barriers that may be holding you back in order to find and pursue your own version of success with confidence, courage, and support. That’s getting gutsy.


In this section, you’ll find tools and articles to help you explore who you are, what you want, how you can get there, and how to let go of other people’s expectations along the way.


From power dynamics to implicit assumptions and biases to just plain old uncomfortable situations, this section can help you navigate through complexities to ensure that you’re getting what you want.  


Our work lives are only part of our whole lives, and sometimes we all struggle with negotiating personal relationships and finding time for ourselves. Here you’ll find observations and insights to help you purposefully design your life in a way that brings joy and fulfillment.

Gushing for Gutsy

“This book is perfect for anyone seeking to take control of how they play the game at work. Its honest and accessible approach will guide you to achieve the success that you desire!”

GAIL EVANS, former EVP, CNN Newsgroup and author of Play Like a Man, Win Like a WomanPlay Like a Man, Win Like a Womanl

“Compelling, refreshing, honest, and inspiring. What Game Are You Playing? reminds us that it’s never too late to design your own life game, fearlessly act on it, and actually enjoy playing it!”

ERIKA MEDINA-VECCHINI, Managing Director, Endeavor Puerto Rico

“Are you grinding through life? Then hit the reset button, and wipe your slate clean! This book helps you redefine success so that you can pursue what is important to you. Stop trying to live up to others’ expectations, and start playing your game, by your rules, today!”

DON W. QUIGLEY JR., retired Fortune 100 President

“As an entrepreneur, I know that work is a huge part of life. This book helps you figure out how to insure that your life and your work are fulfilling your needs. It is a must-read for young people entering the workforce and for moms going back to work!”

SHAYNE WALSEY, President, Urban Enterprises

“This is a guidebook for the dreamers, the artists, the hustlers, and the individuals. The people who have realized their lives are theirs to live and the people who want to find that realization. In other words, this is for all of us.”

JEREMY PETRANKA, PhD, Assistant Dean and Associate Professor of the Practice, The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University

"Now I have tools and language and perspectives to continue evolving and changing and owning my own life and path.”


“Why don’t they teach us this stuff in school?!?”


“I feel affirmed of my choices now even though I have been judged and ridiculed by others for those choices.”


"Excellent framework! It was an easy insightful Sunday morning coffee read. Well done on the perfect balance of implementing convergent and divergent principles. Your transparency and relational theme throughout the book added an extra special element for your audience. It is most definitely a great tool box add that I can see myself continuously using."

ABHA TREOHAN, The Fuqua School of Business MBA

Design Your Own Life Game

Life is a game. Isn't it time you played by your own rules?

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